Frequently Asked Questions

After determining what the client needs, we get a drawing made and submit it to the city. We get permits for decks and other framing projects. 

We require a deposit for materials before work starts.

Next, installment payments at different project milestones. This varies with the project. (An example is – Demo completion, Passing framing inspection, Completion)

Final payment is made after the project is completed and all inspections have been completed and once we make sure you’re happy!

We have liability insurance, WSIB for all employees and working at heights certification.

Mark Rayner studied ‘Construction Techniques: Carpentry’ at Conestoga College and graduated as a top student.

He’s also part Viking 😉

We are a company that was born and is deeply rooted in Guelph. 

Mark is a Guelphite and since Isaac moved to Guelph in 2016, he has not lived anywhere else. 

We’re both hard workers will not only complete a job in a timely mannner, but we will also ensure that it is professionally done.

So go ahead. Hire us. We’ll get the job done.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send us a message or call us at 519 803 4163.

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